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A whirlwind innovation where fitness resides in the palm of your hands.

JBG Endura 101 strives to test your endurance and challenges you each day to a healthier tomorrow. Track and perceive your own physical limits with our wide array of innumerous virtual events. Due to their virtual nature, the option of seclusion allows you to perform your chosen events at any given time and any given place!

JBG Endura 101 includes four major fitness brackets- Cycling, Running, Walking and Swimming. Each category has its own levels of intense workout sessions that push your boundaries to an extreme level and in the process, help you achieve a level of utmost satisfaction.

They say “All progress usually takes place outside the comfort zone”, so break open your outer shells of comfort and stretch your legs on the road to a fitness high.

JBG Endura 101 Highlights



Our e-commerce bracket involves an extensive variety of fitness apparel and accessories for the fitness junkie in you. Take your pick from the broadened horizons of ample amounts of athletic clothing and accessories to be your very own best version in the apparel that reverberates confidence and dedication at its peak.



Under our training bracket, we provide you with clear and safe instructions from certified trainers coupled with a sense of accountability to keep your mind and body on track at all times. Our wide video assemblage of workouts, exercises as well as yoga techniques deem to cater to your wellness as well as an added intensity to your training.



We come equipped with numerous nutritional enterprises that deem to elevate your in-person training experience. With our array of personalized nutritional options and standardization, we strive to deliver not only your body’s fitness requirements but also your eating habits, needs and healthy meal preparations. We at JBG Endura 101 cater to your efforts by providing tailored meal plans to encourage proper nutrition on your weight loss journey.


Your Live Fitness Dashboard

We provide you with a live fitness dashboard that gives you informative and easy access to your fitness data. Keep a check on your progress on the multiple runs and challenges you undertake. See your daily or weekly growth. This innovation also provides an added bonus of tracking your progress against participants from your group, organization, city or country.


Easy to Submit Data

We ensure that you can remain hassle-free with our automatic import of your activity data via Strava import. Make sure to sync your GPS activity data with Strava, connect your Strava account to your JBG Endura 101 account and proceed to participate in our events!


Fitness at Your Doorstep

JBG Endura 101 fitness platform makes it convenient for you to carry your fitness activity, run or cycle, with ease and comfort. Being a virtual event, make sure to choose a convenient time and place for your activity to ensure participation in our challenges.